Lake Baikal Sponge

The Lake Baikal Sponge (Lubomirskia baikalensis) is the most numerous sessile animal in the Baikal’s littoral zone, and endemic to Lake Baikal. The lake is the deepest lake of the world at 1642 m, and it contains 20% of the world’s fresh water. The local people name it more, or sea, and not ozero, or lake. It’s just that big!
The Sponge is something like a symbol for Lake Baikal, and I wanted to photograph it without flash light, and as a part of the underwater landscape, as the fish may see it. Unfortunately, there was no sun all the 11 days I went under water, so it was not that easy to get handheld shots of the sponges, with exposure times of about 1/15 of a second.


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