Icebergs of Kalaallit Nunaat

Two weeks ago, I arrived in Kalaall Nunaat (or Greenland), to work on the ice cap, the glaciers and the icebergs for The Freshwater Project. When I arrived around noon in Ilulissat, they proposed me a city walk. Do you see me on a city walk? With all the icebergs floating in front of the small town in the sea? So I asked for a fishing boat, to go out on the sea, to work under water. It was a sunny day, and the weather report was not that good for the next days, so there was one reason more to do so.
One hour later I was out on the sea and very happy to see icebergs for the first time in my life - first the one-tenth of the icebergs above the water, and then the nine-tenths under water. Pretty soon I started to photograph this eerie underwater world.
All those icebergs are produced by the Sermeq Kujalleq, with about 20 m per day one of the fastest and most active glaciers in the world. And probably it was one of the giant Sermeq Kujalleq icebergs that sank the Titanic - one reason more to enter this strange world beneath the surface.


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