Danger in the Danube Delta

Okay, it was not exactly that dangerous. But snorkeling around in the Danube river delta can be a bit special.
The waters of the Danube, which flow into the Black Sea, form a vast delta, with numerous freshwater lakes interconnected by narrow channels, featuring huge expanses of aquatic vegetation. I went to the delta in spring, with the Danube at high water level, bringing murky water into the channels and lakes and forests - a dream for an underwater photographer!
I jumped in the water, started to swim into the flooded forest - it was exactly as in the Amazon! But without dangerous animals like Caimans, Stingrays, Piranhas and such. So I was sure to enjoy a peaceful day.
But suddenly I felt something bizarre on my throat. Under the neoprene suit! Searching with the hand under the wetsuit, I felt something soft, slippery, and finally managed to pull it out - a huge leech! I started to look around, and realized the flooded forest was full of leeches swimming around, looking for fresh blood. For sure I would have preferred some Caimans or Piranhas swimming around!


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