Lapland Ice Caves

Photography in winter in Lapland? Why not? But what to expect, as an underwater photographer? To be honest, I had absolutely no idea. But that’s what I love - to go to a new location, or as in this case to a location I know very well, but in a different season.

Walking along a frozen river, I realized the river had created many layers of ice, due to different water levels. I tried to creep down in between these layers, and managed it finally. There I found many ice caves, with stalagmites and stalactites. Of course this is a temporarily world, and with the approaching spring, everything would be destroyed very fast.

For safety reasons I was wearing some Isdubbar as they call it in Sweden (or Ice Picks) around my neck, to get out of the icy river in case I would fall in it, following the recommendation of a local guide.


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