Beneath the Ice

I know the Umeälven area in Swedish Lapland very well. I have been there certainly more than 20 times, but mostly in summer.

So I wanted to go there in winter as well, and do some underwater photography. For days I was driving around, looking for a river or lake, where I could put my underwater housing under the ice. Not that easy! Mostly, I was just not able to get close enough to the water - there was simply to much snow. So I had to buy some snowshoes, to get closer to the water.

Finally, I found a good location on the Vindelälven, one of the tributaries of the Umeälven, and the last really wild river in Swedish Lapland. Of course I had to be very careful while walking along the river, not to break through the ice, or to fall into the water.

But I am happy with the images. Of course it is not to compare with Lapland under water in summer, with all that magical light, the plants, fishes. It is just about composition, ice, water, stones, very simple.


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