A landscape shaped by water

Once again I was in Swedish Lapland for the summer, in the area of the Ume älven. This time without underwater equipment, but with just a full-frame camera with a 16-35 mm lens, to make some landscape images.
I know the area fairly well, as I’ve been there regularly for the last ten years. I travelled along rivers, lakes, swamps, to catch the spirit of this landscapes created by water. Three samples:
First, there was this small spring in the middle of a dense forest. The place is spectacular, but infested by mosquitoes. The local fishermen use to stop at this spring, to fill their bottles with the cool and pure water. With the polarising filter I tried to manage the reflection on the water. After just a few shots I left the place - you guess why.
An other image I was looking for since many years was the one of a lake or pond with water lilies. I finally found the perfect one, but had to return an other day for better light. I excluded the sky in the composition, what I often do photographing water surfaces. I prefer to include the horizon as reflection. Here again I worked with the polariser. That’s typically a lake where you can hear the mystical call of the Loon.
The last image shows the rocks along the Vindelälven. This Granite has been shaped by glaciers, and there is water all around in the cracks and little pools. I made those images on a rainy day, as the rocks may be a bit bright on a sunny day. Once again I used the polarising filter.


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